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While we are trying our best to represent our products as accurately as possible online, some products may differ by appearance. It can also applies to size but we will do our best to let you know if it is the case. It may happens that the picture appear larger than the real product, but please refer to the weight of the product for more accuracy.


When trying to keep our prices affordable for all, Franglish Gourmet Food reserve the right to modify our prices as needed without notice. All our prices are display in Canadian Dollars and applicable taxes and fees will be apply at checkout if needed for delivery and shipping.


Some of our products does contains eggs, nuts, gluten and dairy. Please if you do have allergies read carefully the label if applicable. If you are ordering from us a board and you do have any allergies or dietary concerns please notify us and we will do the best to accommodate you, if not possible we will give you a direct call or email you to let you know. Franglish Gourmet food is not taking any responsibilities for allergies.


We are offering products with a certain quality at Franglish Gourmet Food, under a very strict level of hygiene we are making sure we do follow every guidelines. 

After our products have left our store we do not take any responsibilities on how you do store your products, if you need additional information about the best way to degust or stock products please ask us for advices.


Franglish Gourmet Food is the owner of this website, all information collected on it are on a voluntary basis. We do ensure that any information will never be sold or used by a third party. 

While we are trying our best to accommodate you, due to our nature of business we can not accept food items returns. Cancellations & refunds can be claimed in a 12 hours time frame from the delivery received or purchase products. Wholesale and Retails apply.

We are not responsible for the pre packed food if there is any issue as we are not opening every single items in the store.We are sorry for any inconvenience in can cause you.

Cancellations, returns & Refunds