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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery service. We did recently partner up with Mile1, who are actually doing the delivery for us, they are a local company. When you are at the checkout make sure to choose the right option for your delivery and you will received a text to choose a time slot during the day. Check the delivery area, here

Are all your products are imported ?

Most of it, yes! When we opened our store we had the idea to create a Little Europe, so yes our products are mostly from France & Belgian but you will be able to find some European cheeses as well depending on the seasonality. You will also be able to find some cheeses from Ontario and Québec as some other dry products.

Can I place a special order?

Of course ! We do accept special order / request as far as we are able to accommodate you. If you are not sure about a question please reach out by phone or email.

Do you ship Canada & US wide ?

We do ship Canada wide yes, you will see the different options at checkout. We are working to expand our services to the US for 2024, but we can already say that cheese won't be available for US shipping.

What about my allergies ?

Our kitchen has nuts, gluten, meat and dairy and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur. We can omit and substitute food items but cannot guarantee that they’ll be safe from allergens. Please consider this before ordering. Franglish Gourmet Food will not be liable for any circumstances, costs, liabilities or claims arising out of a failure to adhere to dietary advice. If you have serious allergies, please do not consume our products.

What is the difference between Bamboo tray and Box ?

Our bamboo trays are reusable while our boxes are recyclable. Our bamboo tray come wrap with a beautiful tissue bow while our boxes comes with a craft bows. Our boxes are free of charges while the bamboo trays are an extra.

I don't like some products, can you substitute it ? Or I want THIS specific product?

While we're trying out best to accommodate you, we are also working with our stocks. We'll do our best to accommodate you if there is certain product you really don't like. While if you are looking for a specific product in your board but this product is our most expensive one, you might have to pay a little charge to compensate.

Do you take corporate order ?

Yes we do accept corporate order, with at least 72hours of notice. Birthday party, wedding, year end, baptism, cheese wheel towers... If you are looking for a specific service, you can always reach us at